The “Senioren Kampeer Club” summarily called SKC, is a Dutch association for campers from the age of 50. The association objective is to promote camp activities for its members in the homeland and foreign countries, mainly within the borders of Europe. The SKC has been established May 3 1987. The SKC counts approximately 500 members (equipes), who jointly organize and carry out camp activities and camp travelling. The organization is entirely carried out by own member volunteers.

To open its camp season the SKC annually organize a spring camp, where also the annual member meeting will be held. During the camp season about 25 travels are organized with a travel duration depending on type of travel and destination. Generally the travel takes approximately 3 up to 10 weeks. Moreover within the Benelux several camp activities are organized, such as camps without prior reservations.
The SKC camp season will be concluded by an autumn camp where also the camp activities and camp travels for the next year will be presented.

The SKC has a Managing Board which is chosen by its members. The Board is supported by several Committees, which organize and implement all the activities. The SKC is a strictly neutral association without political and/or philosophical preference.

The SKC is registered with the Chamber of Commerce Gooi- and Eemland under number 40047883.